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There’s No ‘Money’ Why Malaysia Failed Produce More Badminton Athletes – Datuk Misbun Sidek

bun2-671x496According to him, Datuk Lee Chong Wei is innocent, but Malaysia’s lack of training system and perfect exponents forward. He also added that the main cause of Malaysia not able to produce gold medal athlete due to “money” that led to the country can not train like exponents countries such as China to train how to Lin Dan and Chen Long.

“Eight years ago, I never raised the issue of training the country’s outdated system, but it is not acceptable, “Datuk Misbun Sidek also been invited by the Chinese badminton head coach Li Yong Bo to visit their training center and he is absolutely amazed by the size and sophistication of their training center.

He added that China uses to train future fighter to train Lin Dan, the former world champion has a support team composed of seven members who will provide training focus, including in terms of quality of psychological, physical fitness and nutrition.

China by Datuk Misbun has Chen Long as the successor Lin Dan, but Malaysia is still no coating that can replace Dato ‘Lee Chong Wei, who also practiced for 10 years. Time Chong Wei met Chen Long, physical strength has been spent (against Lin Dan). Additionally, no person giving ‘golden indicators’ for he recalled his mistake in the last Olympics and other big game, encouragement psychology, find a way to win and training focus