Grapes For Pregnant Women and Fetuses Healthy

Study-finds-widespread-adulteration-of-grape-seed-extract_strict_xxlGrapes contains natural glucose, which makes the wine much in demand by many people. It has a sweet taste that is dominant, in addition to the grapes also has a high alcohol content. For that reason, pregnant women should limit their consumption of these grapes. Grape consumption for pregnant women should not be more than 50 grams.

These food taboos pregnant women, have a high alcohol content that could be harmful for the fetus. The alcohol content was also found on durian and jackfruit. For that reason, grape consumption should be limited as well as the consumption of durian and jackfruit.

Grape has a lot of vitamins. The content is what makes wine beneficial for pregnant women are as follows:

Vitamin contained in wine is vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1.
Beta carotene.
Folic acid.
Omega 3 and DHA.

If consumed within reasonable limits, the grapes has many benefits for pregnant women. Unfortunately that pregnant women know is the negative effect of the wine. Here are the different kinds of wine benefits for pregnant women:

1. Helps Fetal Brain Development

The content of the existing benefits of folic acid in the grapes, is useful to help the brain development of the fetus. The benefits of grapes for fetal brain development are as follows:

Forming nerves in the brain of the fetus.
Reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain.
Help for fetal brain tube formation.

Stay Health, Workout At Home

Having muscles that formed well and solids is a pride for everybody, especially for men with such conditions will provide high confidence, will look more bold and cool. How to build muscle body for some people? it might be considered difficult and requires a long process, but there are a lot of ways to form the body that can be done at home with specific exercises each day.

Exercise Chair Dips

Ideal body shape can be done by starting practicing at home using chairs. The term for this workout is to chair dips where you can go up and down in a sitting position and squat using existing seats in the house. Keep the seat is not too high and not too low. Seat is the best seat you normally wear to work with a padded seat cushion and has a hand grip on the left and right.


To get a six pack stomach, chest muscles can be done with steps below:

1. Position your hands on the seat by a considerable distance, which is about as wide as your shoulders
2. Raise the body by providing a contraction in the muscles of the chest, shoulder, triceps also simultaneously
3. Bend your knees towards the back

4. Lower your body slowly down with the backs remain in position straight
5. Return to the starting position

Burger And English Man

Sutter Home Build a Better Burger 2013 Razzle Dazzle BurgerEveryone of us love to eat burgers. So do I. For this mid term holiday, I would like to gain my weight. Hopefully within a week, I will gain 5kg. Can I? Hope so!

It doesn’t matter between Mc’Donalds of KFC, homemade or grilled burger, as long as I can eat them to gain my weight. Today I just back from my classmate meet up or “lepaking” . It has been quite long time I do not meet them.

Air Asia Big Points

BIG-card_logo2I am counting my day to take off to my hometown. It is 2 days more to go before my flight on April 12th 2016. I love to fly with Air Asia. Since before, me and the entire of my family love to travel with Air Asia. But not only because it is the one and only low-cost airway we have in the country but because of their service was excellent! Other than Malaysia Airline (MAS), Air Asia is our favourite family transportation.

Another side that I do love Air Asia is, they also have their own Loyalty Program that called Air Asia BIG. Where this program allowed you to collect points from your booked flight. The points that you get will automatically credited to your Air Asia account. More point you get, more bombastic offer you will see. For example, my current BIG points is aroun 800++. This will allowed me to choose free flight according to the points that I have.

Part Time Work Online From Home

header2Almost all of us have dreams. And almost all of us dreamed to have everything. In your perception, what “everything” means for you? As for me it means, money. Yes! That is it. Money is king. Money is everything. But then again, money can’t buy happiness. (This statement need a further debate)

Working home is interesting. But it will be more interesting when your part time job online from home was paid same as the others those working in the office. Being a blogger there are many way to earn something from your hobbies.

How To Install CommentLuv Plugin

I would like to share with you guys how to install CommentLuv plugin in your wordpress blog. First of all, of course, you need a wordpress blog with self-host. Secondly, login into your dashboard. Once you have login into your dashboard, please clicks on the “Plugins” tab as below :


As you can see above, please proceed to click on “Add New” Once you click on that tab, you will be direct to the new page. On the search box, please type “CommentLuv” and click search. Wait a few seconds. After you find the CommentLuv plugin, next step is to click to install. 😀

Please make sure you install the right plugin. After installation complated you can manage your setting. To do this, you need to go back to the plugins tab menu and click on “Installed Plugins” and find CommentLuv plugin. So click on that icon, a new page will be appear. Once new page appeared, click on manage setting or configure. The term use in that plugin is differ based on the versions that you installed. So please take note.

For me, I would prefer to be default setting for my CommentLuv plugin. It is better and I do not need to force my mind to think that might affected to my health.

So I just let it be. After you complete the steps mentioned above, then enjoy blogging! Thanks.


Road To Mid Semester Break! Holiday or Assignment Day?

It has been 7 weeks in here, the place that very far from my home, far from my family and friends. And now, withing 3 days I will come back home. I do really miss so damn much my home, my family and my fiends those I grew up with them together since I was 5.

Student life is not only to think about your study, but it is about to gain more friends and meet more people outside. Networking is human main friends. Am I right? Without networking, there is no internet. Because internet is one of the products of networking. Just my simple conclusion 😀

I have booked a flight to return my hometown. At the somewhere else in Asia. Sound cool right? Yeah I am going to spend my midterm holiday at my hometown. I am waiting impatiently. I keep counting the times! But wait, before I am heading home, there’s something special for me to bring together. That is my assignments! One more cool thing right? Keep calm and go home assignment, you are drunk?

CommentLuv For WordPress

CommentLuv-Enable-blogHey guys, it seems that our blog here still not using CommentLuv plugin right? And I think we will install it later. CommentLuv is a very nice plugin for wordpress user. Not only wordpress user almost both blogger and wordpress user can make benefit with CommentLuv plugin.

The plugin allowed you to send backlink to your friends blog those who installed CommentLuv plugin. By doing this, you automatically give them your backlinks. The more backlink you send, the higher level your blog will be rank by Google or any other search engines.

Walking Alone

her-breakfastHello guys, how do you do. I hope everything is going well today. I just reach home after my first midterm exmanination at the university. The questions was damn cruel until there is only 2 sections I cant answer them with confident. Or else they might be false false and false answer. Ohh no, who cares?

Walking alone from my house to the campus at the early in the morning make me feel calm. It is around 6.30AM and the air was very cool and fresh. I can the the monkeys playing near the river, others swimming on the river and the rest was being good audience of their friends. When I was a kid, I do love spend my time with my late Jody. Who is Jody? Jody was my little monkey I ever have when I was 5.

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