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CommentLuv For WordPress

CommentLuv-Enable-blogHey guys, it seems that our blog here still not using CommentLuv plugin right? And I think we will install it later. CommentLuv is a very nice plugin for wordpress user. Not only wordpress user almost both blogger and wordpress user can make benefit with CommentLuv plugin.

The plugin allowed you to send backlink to your friends blog those who installed CommentLuv plugin. By doing this, you automatically give them your backlinks. The more backlink you send, the higher level your blog will be rank by Google or any other search engines.

Walking Alone

her-breakfastHello guys, how do you do. I hope everything is going well today. I just reach home after my first midterm exmanination at the university. The questions was damn cruel until there is only 2 sections I cant answer them with confident. Or else they might be false false and false answer. Ohh no, who cares?

Walking alone from my house to the campus at the early in the morning make me feel calm. It is around 6.30AM and the air was very cool and fresh. I can the the monkeys playing near the river, others swimming on the river and the rest was being good audience of their friends. When I was a kid, I do love spend my time with my late Jody. Who is Jody? Jody was my little monkey I ever have when I was 5.

Get Your Free Custom Domain Name With Freenom


What is the best things in life? The best things in life are FREE! I’am going to tell you where you can grab your custom domain name for free. I am pretty sure that all of us really love this!

Freenom.Com is the company that can provide you with free custom domain name forever and ever. Trust me, I am their user since 2013. If I not mistaken, I currently owned 3-5 custom domain name from freenom. These domain name I use to create my another blog and so do my family and my course mate. 

A Week Anniversary For MDHAFiZ.TK

Chitika-OnlineAdvertisingNetwork-LogoIt has been a week I created this blog. I just reach home from college and took my beautiful sleep for a while. I have a night class tonight so I need to get ready mentally and physically before I am going to attend the class.

Actually living in the college, the most cruel thing happened to me is I have a night class around 8.00-10.00PM. This is the thing that I really hate while studying in college. Okay that just my introduction of the day. What I am going to tell you here is, I just received a little bucks from Chitika! It is a PPC Program. PPC stand for Pay Per Click advertising that allows you to earn money for every click you get.

What Is Your Passion In Your Blog?

unnamedFor the years I have been writing in blog, from day to day my passion to write was not like first year when I purchase custom domain name and webhosting. I do not know why this happened. I admit that the first impression about blogging is, blogging or blog as a platform for me to share my ideas and though.

At the early moment when I get the internet connection in my house, the first thing was not creating blog, but I using it to find the information about educations, further study to higher level, or searching something I feel interesting.