What You Should Do Before Exam Start

Mentoring640_150429What is the toughest thing during your student’s life? Being a student the most toughest moment during your student’s life is an examination. Am I right? For me examinations during student’s life is just like to service your car at the workshop after a long journey.

As for the moment right now where almost all the colleges and universities will having their examinations I would like to wish you all the best.

I will having my second paper on June 19th, so do wish me luck too guys. As usually before my universities examination session started, me and my friend will looking for a good tea time with our favourite lecturers. We do this as routine for every semester. The significant of doing this is we would like to ask for inspirations words from him to boost up our motivation.

Even though he is not the one of the lecturers those who teach us during on that semester, but we still do the same because he is our mentor. For us, talking with him can improve our social skills, high self esteem, and gaining more general knowledge about student’s life. And what the most important thing during our meeting is, his blessing.

Here I would like to share what we should do a week before an examination starts :

  1. Ask for forgiveness from your lecturers
  2. Do it now, not later because always become “never”
  3. Meet your mentor and ask for motivation. You may also ask him to share his story of success. The story will become your inspiration to success.
  4. Avoid eating fastfood
  5. Study group
  6. Avoid last minutes revision

There are many more tips we gained from our mentor but I think all these (6 items) are more than enough for us to remind ourselves. New article regarding this matter will be publish once at the end of my semester in university. I have a year more to go for graduation. Mat god ease everything. I hope I can graduate as scheduled and make my mom proud of me. I promised her to the somewhere else in europe one find day. I hope this will become reality. Thank you mom. Also a huge thank you for you, spending your time reading this blog.



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