Walking Alone

her-breakfastHello guys, how do you do. I hope everything is going well today. I just reach home after my first midterm exmanination at the university. The questions was damn cruel until there is only 2 sections I cant answer them with confident. Or else they might be false false and false answer. Ohh no, who cares?

Walking alone from my house to the campus at the early in the morning make me feel calm. It is around 6.30AM and the air was very cool and fresh. I can the the monkeys playing near the river, others swimming on the river and the rest was being good audience of their friends. When I was a kid, I do love spend my time with my late Jody. Who is Jody? Jody was my little monkey I ever have when I was 5.

My father was a teacher and now he just retire. During that moment, at noon our neighbour came back from hunting near the forest behind the house. He was a very good hunter. It always bring something from hunting. Like sheep, cow, birds and so on. But on that time when he was stepping up the stairs to his house, I saw a little monkey with him. He smile with me.

My neighbour noticed that it seems to be I do really like to have a pet. When he saw mine was looking sharp on that little monkey, without wasting his time, he gave the little monkey to me. And he ever said that this little monkey was accidentally drown in the river. His leg was broken. I took him and give a proper treatment. I hope he will be okay soon. Nahhh, just take a good care of this little cute monkey. Do not forget to tell your dad to build a house for him.

Thanks uncle ! I replied with 🙂

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