Road To Mid Semester Break! Holiday or Assignment Day?

It has been 7 weeks in here, the place that very far from my home, far from my family and friends. And now, withing 3 days I will come back home. I do really miss so damn much my home, my family and my fiends those I grew up with them together since I was 5.

Student life is not only to think about your study, but it is about to gain more friends and meet more people outside. Networking is human main friends. Am I right? Without networking, there is no internet. Because internet is one of the products of networking. Just my simple conclusion 😀

I have booked a flight to return my hometown. At the somewhere else in Asia. Sound cool right? Yeah I am going to spend my midterm holiday at my hometown. I am waiting impatiently. I keep counting the times! But wait, before I am heading home, there’s something special for me to bring together. That is my assignments! One more cool thing right? Keep calm and go home assignment, you are drunk?

Whether I like it or not, I have to face them. As a student, not much I can do. By hook or by crook, all my assignments I need to bring home together and spend my time doing my mini project and assignments at home. As a student, I need to face this and do not complain too much. Because this is your future, and for your dream. Dream and hope, the two things that can make people strong. Everyone of us have dreams, and I have mine.

To my family, please wait for a while. To my friends, the time for us for movies just near the corner. To my beloved cat, have you eat my whiskies? And to all, happy mid term holiday breaks. Enjoy your holiday with your loves.

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