A Week Anniversary For MDHAFiZ.TK

Chitika-OnlineAdvertisingNetwork-LogoIt has been a week I created this blog. I just reach home from college and took my beautiful sleep for a while. I have a night class tonight so I need to get ready mentally and physically before I am going to attend the class.

Actually living in the college, the most cruel thing happened to me is I have a night class around 8.00-10.00PM. This is the thing that I really hate while studying in college. Okay that just my introduction of the day. What I am going to tell you here is, I just received a little bucks from Chitika! It is a PPC Program. PPC stand for Pay Per Click advertising that allows you to earn money for every click you get.

You might be confuse when I am telling you right now because if you see in my blog here there is only Bidvertiser ads that appear. Well, this is not the only blog I have. I have been 6 years writing on the net, and a year relax from being part time blogger and right now I would like to start it all over again.

For me blogging is not much interesting when you just writing and writing. So from the moment I realize that thing, with the help of my blog partner we find many PPC that where we can get extra money from our blog. And the first program  I joined was Adbrite. But now Adbrite no longer exist and I really miss the moment when my first check from Adbrite arrived at home. How happy I am. Before Adbrite closed their business, I managed to earn around $60.00 if I not mistaken in 2 months! What a insane! It just like a long journey!

Alright guys, I’m off to the bank to cash out the check. See you!

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